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How to Deal With Mood Changes When You Quit

Your body and mind change as you quit smoking. How to Deal With Mood Changes When You Quit  QuitGo knows how difficult it is to quit smoking.  However, knowing what they are can help you become smoke-free. So how do you deal with the changes in your body and mind when you quit? How to Deal […]

How Will You Feel on Your First Day of Quitting?

What you can expect from Day 1. How Will You Feel on Your First Dayof Quitting? You have set your quit date and have everything in place! However, how will you feel on your first day of quitting? Here is an illusory account on what you can expect on your journey to becoming an ex-smoker. […]

Quit Smoking with the Right Mindset

Freeing yourself from nicotine starts and ends with YOU. Quit Smoking with the Right Mindset For most people who want to quit, it does not happen with a magical click where everything falls into place. A fact is that most smokers need a winning mindset and need to take things one day at a time. […]

The Best Day to Quit Smoking is Monday

New week, new start, new you. The Best Day To Quit Smoking is Monday Mondays are the best day to start quitting smoking and begin a new beginning. Why? You start working and improving your life on a Monday. Furthermore, if you have strayed off your plan during the week, start fresh on Monday. Whether […]

Watching Your Weight While Quitting

What’s stopping you from quitting smoking? If I Quit Smoking, Will I Gain a Ton of Weight? Yes, we have all heard that you pick up weight when you quit smoking! However, if this is one of the reasons stopping you, think again. There are many ways you can banish the cravings of eating when you do stop […]

What is the Effect of Smoking on Your Property Value?

Adverse effects on your environment based on this habit.  The Effect Smoking Has on the Value of Your Property Did you know that the harm of smoking goes beyond harming your health? While each puff of your cigar or cigarette is damaging your body within, it also causes damage outside of the body. Smoking affects […]

What Challenges Do Smokers Face Every Day?

Understanding what your loved one is going through helps you to help them stop smoking. What Challenges Do Smokers Face Every Day? Do you know that as a smoker you are going to face more challenges every day in the future? Stay a while, read on. A fact is that you will face challenges in […]

4 Amazing Things That Happen to Your Body When You Quit Smoking

Are you ready to feel amazing!? Quit Smoking and Feel Amazing For These Reasons The main reason people quit smoking is for health reasons. Whether you workout and follow a healthy diet, you cannot feel healthy while smoking. Yes, it is difficult to stop, but by quitting, you can enjoy the following fantastic things happening […]

How Long Does Nicotine Stay In Your Body?

Interesting facts about nicotine. Did  you know… If you stop smoking, there is still a trace of nicotine present in the body? With a medical test, you can detect nicotine in your blood, nails, hair, urine, and saliva. The fact is, whether you smoke cigarettes, use e-cigarettes, or vape, after stopping the chemical remains in […]

Can Chantix and Zyban Help You to Stop Smoking?

A look into what to expect from these medications. There are many different stop smoking options on the market.  Are you busy writing your Quit Plan to stop smoking? QuitGo knows how difficult it is to stop the habit. While many smokers opt-in to using NRTs like nicotine gum,spray, and patches, two prescribed drugs can […]