Author: Alessandra

Exercises to Help Increase Your Lung Capacity

Time is the biggest factor when it comes to lung repair after quitting smoking. Lung capacity is how much air your body can use, while lung function is how your body uses it. According to the Lung Institute, once lung function is gone, there is no getting it back; however, there are many activities you can perform to increase your lung […]

10 Things You Can Do Now to Extend Your Life

Do you consider yourself a healthy person? Insurance companies have developed formulas to determine if you are a good risk for certain insurance policies.  If you want to increase your health and prolong your lifespan, check out this list of  10 things you can do NOW to extend your life! 1. Sunlight.  Go outside and enjoy […]

How to Talk to Your Teen About Smoking

Talking about smoking is not an easy conversation. But you want the best for your teen, so it’s a necessary conversation to have. A simple way to explain how to talk to your teen about smoking is to give you an outline by using the 5 W’s and the How. Who –  You want to talk […]

How to Help a Loved One Quit Smoking

When someone makes a big life change like deciding to quit smoking,  the people closest to them (like you!) can make a huge difference by giving their help and support. Ending an addiction can be incredibly difficult.  Many people are not even sure what it’s like to go through nicotine withdrawal after quitting smoking, and they […]

5 Steps to a Successful Quit Week

Quitting smoking can be a tough and long process, but you’re not alone.  Congratulations on your decision to stop smoking.   There is an overload of information out there which is why we’ve used our experience and research to outline 5 Steps to a Successful Quit Week. Approach your quit week with a plan to ensure […]

Smoke Free Cities in the United States

Many parts of the United States are becoming smoke-free by banning smoking in all workplaces and public places. Smoking bans are put into place by state legislation, city or local ordinances.  The Federal government has not chosen to legislate on the topic of banning smoking. Currently, 25 states across the US plus hundreds of cities and counties […]

Read This if You’re Thinking About Quitting Cold Turkey

You’ve decided it’s time to Kick the Habit. Congratulations on this life-changing decision!  There is definitely no shortage of reasons to quit smoking.  Aside from the fact smoking is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide, there are also social aspects to consider. Are you tired of a loved one nagging you every time you step […]