Author: Alessandra

Wacky Ways to Quit Smoking

Switch up your approach in order to succeed! Trying Something New How many conventional ways have you tried to quit smoking, only to find it does not work? Maybe you are currently in a quitting rut as you have tried many times to stop smoking. A fact is that all the techniques remind you of […]

Facts About Smoking

The history of smoking tobacco. Smoking is a habit that many people are trying to kick. The point is, there are now more former smokers compared to current smokers in the US alone. Furthermore, fewer Americans are smoking these days compared to years ago. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, less than […]

Quit Smoking on January 1st

Mandy’s story. New year, new you? What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Unbelievably, many people decide to make his or her New Year Resolution to stop smoking. However, what if it does not work, and why wait until then? Yes, we have already passed the halfway mark, and that resolution you made of quitting smoking on […]

Natural Remedies to Help You Stop Smoking

Many smokers look to natural ways to manage cravings. Smoking is addictive and it is challenging to quit.  Maybe you want to quit smoking but do not wish to use the nicotine replacement therapies available. There are other solutions to the problem, and that is with natural remedies. However, as with all products available, it still […]

Does Smoking Affect Your Pets?

Smoking can negatively affect your household pets Pets play a crucial role in the household. When it comes to lighting up a smoke, you know how dangerous it is for the humans around you. You understand there are health risks associated. You may not realize that the risks do not only extend to other people inhaling your […]

Is Smoker Face Real or a Myth?

Smoking can negatively affect your health and appearance Are all of the health concerns for smoking real, or a myth? While smoking is appalling for your health, it also has numerous negative effects on your overall appearance. One meticulous health concern about smoking that you may have heard of is the “Smoker Face.” A fact […]

The Effects of Second-Hand Smoking for Kids

Quit smoking to protect the health of your child Consider quitting smoking to protect your child’s health. When it comes to smoking, usually the parents innocently cause harm to their kids and the environment. Whether you smoke outside, inside the home or in the car, your children are inhaling the harmful chemicals from smoking. A […]

Is Vaping Better than QuitGo?

This trend could be helping or hurting people as they try to move away from harmful substances One of the most prominent current fashions is to use an e-cigarette. This is especially prevalent among young people. But – how safe is this, really? The fact is, according to the Heart Organization, this trend has its health risks. Until […]

How Does Smoking Affect Fertility in Men and Women?

Are you trying to start a family?  Smoking negatively affects both men and woman when it comes to fertility. Therefore, if you or your partner are smokers who are considering starting a family, you need the proper knowledge and tools to help you stop smoking. QuitGo is here to help. Effects of Smoking in Men […]

What Happens to Your Body After Quitting Smoking

Think of it as a pathway to happiness, rather than an obstacle Thinking about quitting cold turkey? You will notice changes within an hour. Here at QuitGo, we do not have to remind you that cigarette smoking causes many deaths in the United States alone. By quitting, you can prevent death, but we know how […]