Natural Remedies to Help You Stop Smoking

Many smokers look to natural ways to manage cravings.

Smoking is addictive and it is challenging to quit. 

Maybe you want to quit smoking but do not wish to use the nicotine replacement therapies available. There are other solutions to the problem, and that is with natural remedies.

However, as with all products available, it still takes loads of will power using the products. Here are some you can try to help with those dreadful cravings.


The therapy has helped people to quit the habit of smoking. The therapist inserts thin needles into different acupoints found on the ear. Furthermore, the needle remains in the pressure point for up to 20 minutes.

When completing a session, the acupuncturists provide you with a small ball taped to the ear to control the cravings. When your desire to smoke begins, you press the ball gently to stimulate the pressure point.

According to a study done in Hong Kong for over five years, over 5,202 smokers found acupuncture useful and safe to use.

However, the acupressure sessions are not always cheap, and smokers found that they needed up to eight sessions in a month to successfully quit.

Another solution is to look at the QuitGo smoking aids thatare more affordable and natural if you do not enjoy being pricked with needles.


Another excellent alternative to acupuncture is hypnotherapy, but how effective is it?

According to studies, hypnotherapy is more effective as the one group who participated had a 29%s uccess rate after one year while the other 28% who participated in a counseling group had taken longer to quit. As with acupuncture, having you hypnotized is also a costly method if it does not work.

Taking St. Johns Wart

While the St. Johns Wart is used for depression, researchershave tested it to find out how effective it is to stop smoking. The resultshave mixed feelings as earlier studies showed that a couple of people quit successfully.

However, another study gives some interesting feedback. The researchers found that the herb helps with the depression that comes with quitting. Furthermore, it does not helpwith the quitting process and only the withdrawal symptoms related to it.

During the test, smokers took the herb two weeks before his or her quit date. However, when taken alone, it does not have significant side effects but can interfere with drugs to treat:

·       HIV or AIDs

·       Transplant Patients

·       Oral Contraceptives

·       Antidepressants 

A Note from QuitGo

A fact is that any scientific support claiming to help with smoking cessation is limited. Many supplements have undergone strict safetyregulations, and the content from one product differs from another.

Therefore, before you do decide to go the natural ways, we recommend you discuss it with your doctor. Alternatively, if you feel the above methods do not fit in with your needs, consider using one of our natural stop smoking aids.

Each product is made with natural ingredients to help curb the symptoms related to nicotine withdrawal. Furthermore, our quit aids do not have side effects and are safe to use with other nicotine replacement therapies.

Start your quit journey with us today!