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How to Avoid Smoking at Holiday Celebrations

Survive the festive season without reaching for cigarettes. With the festive season upon us, it can become challenging to remain smoke free. It can become even more difficult to not smoke at work functions this coming holiday. You may think smoking one cigarette is not a problem while socializing. Maybe you think one is not […]

Manage Your Holiday Stress as a Non-Smoker

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. The holiday season is slowly creeping upon us. It can be an especially stressful time if you have recently quit smoking. If you have not yet quit and thinking of beginning your quit journey during the holidays – nothing is impossible! […]

Latest News on Smoking – California Bans Smoking on Beaches and in State Parks

Success is the sum of small efforts. Here at QuitGo, we can give you many reasons to quit smoking, and one of them is California banning smoking on beaches and state parks. A fact is many countries are trying to reduce litter and wildfire risks to ocean pollution caused by cigarette butts. Therefore, the State […]

Quit Smoking: Beat the Mind Games

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts! Do you think lighting up a cigarette is an enjoyable pastime? Do you think it offers you comfort, companionship or is entertaining? Alternatively, do you relate your smoking cessation with pain, sacrifice, or misery? A fact is that these feelings are reinforced on a subconscious […]

Break the Habit of Smoking When Drinking Alcohol

If you’re still trying, you haven’t failed. Do you crave smoking when taking a drink of alcohol? QuitGo knows how difficult it is to break the habit. Maybe people have told you that quitting is easy when you only smoke while drinking? A fact is that alcohol can urge you to smoke if you have […]

Quit Smoking This Winter with These Tips

Don’t think of it as “quitting” – think of it as “gaining” Do you smoke? Then quitting should be at the top of your list. Yes, we know stopping is not easy! Nicotine addiction is the hardest habit to kick. However,did you know it has loads of benefits so trash the packet of smokes in […]

How to Get Through Your First Smoke-Free Weekend

Motivation & tips for helping you push through! How to Get Through Your First Smoke-Free Weekend Have you quit smoking and going through your first week of smoking cessation? If you have, you have already gone through different stages in Hell Week. Why? Most smokers go through this and cause physical discomfort as the mind […]

The Particular Phases of a Quit Program

What to expect when you’re starting on your quit journey. The Particular Phases of a Quit Program During the process of smoking cessation, you go through some icky phases of the quit program leaving you feeling uncomfortable. These icky phases cause a bumpy road, and not everyone experiences it the same way. For some smokers, […]

Is Hookah Smoking a Better Alternative than Smoking?

Important facts about hookah smoking. Is Hookah Smoking a Better Alternative than Smoking? Have you replaced your smoking habit with Hookah Smoking? Maybe you think it is a better alternative to smoking cigarettes. Yes, we know the smell is sweet and tastes better. Furthermore, it is a great social experience and only an occasional habit. […]

Is Cigar Smoking Less Risky Than Cigarette Smoking?

Important facts about cigar smoking to help you lower health risks. Is Cigar Smoking Less Risky Than Cigarette Smoking? Over the years, a misconception has risen about cigar smoking, as many people believe it is less risky than lighting up a cigarette. The truth is that cigar smoking is not safer than puffing away on […]