Quit Smoking This Winter with These Tips

Don’t think of it as “quitting” – think of it as “gaining”

Do you smoke? Then quitting should be at the top of your list. Yes, we know stopping is not easy!

Nicotine addiction is the hardest habit to kick. However,did you know it has loads of benefits so trash the packet of smokes in the trash this winter?

While it has its upsides, it also has some downsides as well that may make you feel scared and prevent you from trying. One of them is weight gain!

Nicotine in Cigarettes is Addictive

So why do you gain weight when you stop smoking? As a stimulant, nicotine does more than only affect the brain. It helps increase your metabolism, as well.

Therefore, it means you are burning more calories to get a slim figure. However, you face many issues. Smoking is an enjoyable activity for you and increases dopamine production in your brain.

When you deprive yourself of smoking a cigarette, vaping, or using an NRT product, you start treating yourself with unhealthy treats.

These foods are bad for you and trigger dopamine surges. Once your brain knows it is not getting the dopamine from your smoking it tries to get it from something else food!

So you start craving food instead and start eating more.Another concern that pops up when quitting is your mind wants to replace the feeling with filling the mouth the whole time.

Smoking is an oral fixation, and the brain struggles to fill the empty hole with something similar.

The nearest thing is eating.

Find a Solution for the Problem

The first problem you can solve by changing your diet.Instead of putting unhealthy treats in the mouth, you can cut down on the calories by replacing it with healthier treats.

Avoid drinking beverages with sugar and slow down on food with high calories. Eat foods that give you a boost to keep the weight down.

The second problem is a bit trickier as you need to replace the constant food eating with something else. You need a replacement habit ready when needed.

Here the crucial thing is to use something that you enjoy and does not include weight gain. You can do some stretches, run, or partake in some form of activity to get your mind off it.

The last problem is even trickier, but there is a solution to solve your problem with great success. If you want to replace your oral fixed habit you can do it with the QuitGo Kit.

The kit consists of a soft-tip inhaler that looks like a cigarette and replicates the same features as a real one.

Furthermore, it comes with relief spray to keep you calm and a gum you can chew that is nicotine-free at the same time.

Keep Your Mind Distracted

With the QuitGo Kit, you can keep your mind distracted to break the fixated habit. Eventually you will distract your brain as you engage in similar practices.

While chewing the gum or a QuitGo Lozenge, it solves the dopamine problem at the same time.

Each of the products in the kit works together, and all of them is organic and nicotine-free.

Try one of the products today that suit you best to quit this winter without gaining weight in the process.

Start your quit journey with us today!