Is Cigar Smoking Less Risky Than Cigarette Smoking?

Important facts about cigar smoking to help you lower health risks.

Is Cigar Smoking Less Risky Than Cigarette Smoking?

Over the years, a misconception has risen about cigar smoking, as many people believe it is less risky than lighting up a cigarette.

The truth is that cigar smoking is not safer than puffing away on a cigarette. A fact is that both are unhealthy, but each one offers you different health risks.

Cigarette Smoking Versus Cigar Smoking

When it comes to smoking a cigar or cigarette, there is a difference between the two:

·       The majority of cigar smokers, about 75% of them do not smoke it daily, nor  inhale the smoke.

·       Compared to cigar smoking, cigarette smokers do inhale and smoke up to 30 or more cigarettes daily.

Therefore, with the above information, the habit of smoking a cigar you are exposed to fewer poisons and carcinogens compared to smoking a cigarette.

However, both have similar toxins present, but cigar smokers according to many beliefs, are not exposed to a lot of smoking-related diseases or death commonly found in cigarettes.

The truth is you may be surprised as we have vital facts here that may change your mind about cigar smoking.

Important Facts about Cigar Smoking

While you may be puffing on your cigar, the fact is that one cigar comprises more tobacco than smoking a packet of cigarettes. One smoke has less than a gram of tobacco, while a cigar contains up to 17 grams of tobacco.

Furthermore, cigars are just as addictive as smoking a cigarette. The reason for this is that the cigar smoke is broken down into saliva, allowing you to absorb the nicotine through the lining of your mouth easily.

With the sufficient amount of nicotine absorb, it causes an addiction even if you do not inhale the smoke. Moreover, the amount of nicotine is more significant than found in a cigarette.

When smoking a cigar, it contains up to 200mg of nicotine compared to a cigarette that only has 2mgs. You can find cigars with up to 400mgs of nicotine.

On the other hand, cigar smoke is more toxic than cigarette smoke. Even secondhand smoke from a cigar can vary from a cigarette.

The reason for this is that the manufacturing process requires fermentation, and during this time, there is a high concentrate of TSNAs (tobacco-specific nitrosamines) produced.

A fact is that TSNAs are the most carcinogenic compound known to man. Secondly, the wrapping of the cigar is not porous making it less complete.

Therefore, you are getting in a higher concentration of toxic chemicals compared to smoking cigarettes.

Smoking One Cigar a Day Increases the Risk of Cancer

Cigar smoking is linked to a wide selection of cancers,especially when it comes to the oral cavity from your lip, mouth, larynx,tongue, to your throat.

Furthermore, if you inhale the smoke, you have a higher risk of getting bladder, lung, and pancreas cancer. Moreover, the risk of heart disease is higher, as well.

Another thing you can face is early tooth loss and applies to pipe smokers as well. During a study done in 1999 of the “Journal of the American Dental

Association,”they discovered that pipe and cigar smokers have an increased risk for losing their teeth.

Moreover, both cigar and pipe smokers have an increased loss of alveolar bone, the bone that holds your teeth in place. Another fact is that many do not know, especially men is that it causes erectile dysfunction.

Compared to non-smokers, smokers are more likely to become impotent due to the effects of smoking. The reason is that the toxins affect the hormones, nervous system, and blood circulation.

Smoking a cigar or being exposed to secondhand smoke has shown that men have a risk of erectile dysfunction.

Can QuitGo Help Cigar Smokers to Quit?

Yes, it can! Whether you smoke a cigar or cigarette, we have a quit aid available to help you through the smoking cessation. If you are physically dependent on smoking either of the two, it can help you to quit. The important thing is to set a quit day and have a plan of action ready that works best for your needs.

A Word of Advice from QuitGo

Always remember, there is no such thing as a safe tobacco product as all forms of smoking have some risks associated with it. The fact is, cigar smoking is not different.

Get help today and steer clear of smoking and try to avoid secondhand smoke as it produces the same risks associated with smoking. 

Start your quit journey with us today!