Latest News on Smoking – California Bans Smoking on Beaches and in State Parks

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Here at QuitGo, we can give you many reasons to quit smoking, and one of them is California banning smoking on beaches and state parks.

A fact is many countries are trying to reduce litter and wildfire risks to ocean pollution caused by cigarette butts. Therefore, the State of California has set in a new law starting on the 1st of January preventing anyone from smoking on the beach.

According to the law, it will be illegal to smoke a pipe,cigar, cigarettes, or vape on the state beaches or any state park. If found smoking, you can prepare yourself to pay a fine of $25.

Senate Bill 8

Newsom signed the Senate Bill 8, by State Senator Steve Glazer on late Friday night. The reason is to provide a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment for wildlife, fish, and people.

Compared to plastic cigarettes is one of the biggest polluters on beaches, and even second-hand smoke harms people and kills fish.

Furthermore, many forest fires started with a discarded cigarette, and the bill adheres to this problem. Moreover, the State Department of Park and Recreation will need to put up no-smoking signs at the parks and beaches across a 340 mile of shoreline.

So you will soon be noticing signs popping up in the more than 280 parks and shorelines across California.

Smokers are the Biggest Litterers

According to the California Coastal Commission, cigarette butts and other pieces of the material makes up the biggest collection of litter picked up by volunteers every year.

Over the years since 1989, detailed records show that more than 7.5 million cigarette butts have been collected with the annual cleanup taking place in California.

The total is 37% of trash where food wrappers and containers make up 11% while plastic and paper bags are 7%, and cups, plates, and cutlery make up 5% of the total waste.

Organizations Supporting the Bill

Furthermore, various organizations are supporting the bill made up of the:

·       American Lung Association

·       American Cancer Society

·       The Sierra Club

·       California Fire Chiefs Association

·       Heal the Bay

·       Save Our Shores

On the other hand, other counties of San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Davis, and more have also banned smoking on beaches and in parks.

So if you are a smoker living in New Jersey, you can expect to pay $250 fine if found smoking or vaping on beaches and in parks.

Thoughts from QuitGo

If you are one of the smokers living in these counties and thinking about why you should quit, the new bill against smoking at beaches and parks is a good reason.

We expect the new law to be instated in many other parts of America with other countries in the world following soon. A fact is that one of these days you will not be able to smoke anywhere.

Therefore, start planning your quit today with one of the QuitGo products here and enjoy living a smoke-free life without paying the hefty fines.

Start your quit journey with us today!