Break the Habit of Smoking When Drinking Alcohol

If you’re still trying, you haven’t failed.

Do you crave smoking when taking a drink of alcohol? QuitGo knows how difficult it is to break the habit. Maybe people have told you that quitting is easy when you only smoke while drinking?

A fact is that alcohol can urge you to smoke if you have tried quitting.

Nicotine Addiction is a Psychological Dependence

Nicotine addictions are made up of two components the psychological dependence and physical addiction. You can break the physical habit when you feel intense in a matter of days when you clear the body of nicotine.

Furthermore, the psychological dependence associated with smoking is related to your daily life from smoking after a meal or when you are stressed.

Therefore, if you do associate smoking with drinking, it gives you the advantage to concentrate on this area alone to help face triggers when facing it.

A fact is that alcohol weakens your inhibitions and can cause a smoking relapse if you are trying to quit. The truth is you cannot stay true to your program if you have had a couple of drinks.

Maybe you are friends with someone who smokes, or you will see other people smoking at the bar. Seeing other people smoke makes it difficult for you to stop.

So what do you do when they offer you a smoke or when you head outside with them for a smoke?  

The fact is, you can quit successfully by having a plan of action and practice. You can steer yourself away from needing to smoke when enjoying a drink out with friends.

So, how do you do this?

Go Alcohol-Free

You may think you can enjoy a drink without smoking, but going alcohol-free for the first couple of weeks has loads of benefits.

By doing this, you can deal with your triggers you can try going alcohol-free for a night. Instead of drinking your wine, you can enjoy seltzer water or cranberry juice.

Furthermore, you can keep it a secret if you want by telling the bartender to serve you a mixed drink minus the alcohol. You can socialize as usual and do this more than once to start feeling comfortable.

At first, it may not be fun, but it is the first step to break your association with smoking and drinking.

Plan when you want to light up a cigarette by getting up and going to the bathroom. You can even go outside for some fresh air.

However, if this does not do the trick, the best solution is to call it a night and go home earlier.

Visit a Smoke-Free Bar Instead

A fact is that the majority of public places are going smoke-free. If your leisure spots not smoke-free, suggest to your friends to try a new location instead.

With practice, things become perfect as you teach yourself healthy habits navigating yourself into a different situation to prevent the urge of smoking.

A Word from QuitGo

When quitting smoking, you need to be patient with yourself and replace the association with smoking with new ones. One day you will see you can socialize with other smokers while enjoying a drink or two.

With time you will note that nicotine addiction has taken up a lot of your time, and you will feel healthier once you have stopped.

Stay positive and always have a plan in place to prevent lighting up. 

Start your quit journey with us today!