How to Get Through Your First Smoke-Free Weekend

Motivation & tips for helping you push through!

How to Get Through Your First Smoke-Free Weekend

Have you quit smoking and going through your first week of smoking cessation? If you have, you have already gone through different stages in Hell Week.

Why? Most smokers go through this and cause physical discomfort as the mind is trying to convince you to smoke. You need to keep challenging yourself mentally to move forward past the first days of nicotine withdrawal.

Now the weekend is upon you, and it will be your first smoke-free weekend! So how do you get through the weekend without lighting up a smoke?

Why are Weekends So Challenging to Stay Smoke-Free?

Smoking is associated with relaxing, and the first weekend(or another form of downtime) is the most challenging thing for you to face.However, if you do some preparation by having a game plan set up, you can stay smoke-free and control your smoking cessation.

Here is what you can do:

Stay Busy

To beat cravings, you need distraction as it is one of the most effective ways not to light up a cigarette. Make a list of activities you can enjoy to keep your mind busy.

For example, you can take a walk in the park or visit the mall to see a movie where smoking is not permitted. Alternatively, you can go to the gym or attend a smoke-free place to leisure around.

However, if you are home, take up some form of a hobby to keep the mind and hands busy. Choose an activity that is fun and will keep your mind active.

Get Enough Rest

When you quit smoking, the body feels sluggish, and you may feel foggy in the head from nicotine withdrawal. Now is the time to enjoy an afternoon nap.

Alternatively, if you are alone, you can always sleep your weekend away. With the extra rest, you can recharge your body to keep meeting the challenges you face when it comes to quitting.

The Process of Nicotine Addictions is not an Event but a Recovery

As a smoker, you have linked thousands of thinks with your smoking. Therefore, you need to reprogram your mind amid everything associated with smoking.

You need to break the chains binding you with the addiction each day. At first, you may feel you are not making progress, but with time it does get better.

The important thing is to get past the first week and weekend during your smoking cessation.

Going through the First Weekend is Tough but Gets Easier

Once your first smoke-free weekend is over, it does get easier. The critical thing to remember is that recovery from nicotine addiction does not happen overnight.

You need practice and loads of patience to becoming smoke-free. Furthermore, you need to acknowledge the progress and reward yourself daily.

If you do feel you are not able to handle, the smoking cessation joins a forum or look at the QuitGo products available to help ease the cravings.

Most importantly, take it one day at a time!

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