Quit Smoking: Beat the Mind Games

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts!

Do you think lighting up a cigarette is an enjoyable pastime? Do you think it offers you comfort, companionship or is entertaining?

Alternatively, do you relate your smoking cessation with pain, sacrifice, or misery? A fact is that these feelings are reinforced on a subconscious level that is below the surface of your thoughts.

The truth is that these thoughts are distorted perceptions of the reality you need to face.

By using the following tips, you can learn how to control your thoughts to move to recovery from nicotine addiction.

You need to reprogram your mind with positive thoughts instead.

Three Positive Quotes to Help You Quit

To help you work your way through quitting and changing your negative thoughts about stopping, you can put your mind to work with these positive thoughts:

·       To change your life, you need to change your mind.

·       You can make your life happy or miserable.

·       Furthermore, this is the hardest thing you have ever done.

Changing your life needs a mind change and appropriate when it comes to quitting smoking. Furthermore, only you can make your quit a horrible and challenging experience.

Alternatively, you can make it a pleasurable one to become smoke-free.  The last phrase on the list,you have already set up in mind as one of the most challenging things you will ever do.

The truth is that when you change that phrase to something positive such as it is going to be easy, you will start feeling the freedom of going without your chemical dependence.

However, this is all up to you.

Smokers are Excellent Mind Game Players

Stop playing mind games and think it is going to be a hard road ahead when quitting. Change your old mind games to something positive and new.

Bring in some fresh thoughts and embark on the challenge of being a non-smoker. So how do you change your mind?  Use the following mind trick to get started.

·       Never think that you need to smoke! Change the thought to something worthy, and instead of saying, “I want to smoke” and analyzing the impression; you can change it to, “I do not need to smoke.”

·       Not once thing that you can have only one. Change your thoughts as one leads to more leaving you smoking.

·       At no time visualize that you have a smoke in your hand. Instead thinks of something else by picturing how nasty and unhealthy smoking is.

·       Point out the good stuff of not smoking instead, especially on your first day of being smoking-free. Take it one day at a time and keep telling yourself you are going to be okay.

·       Laugh a soften as it makes you feel good instead of walking around with a sour face for everyone to see. By laughing and smiling, it keeps you relaxed and stress-free.

·       Prevent your mind from falling in a rut as it is junkie thinking. Never feel that stopping is the end of your world. A fact is it is a beginning to a new chapter in your life. The damage is done, but you can reverse some of the effects at the same time.

·       Always remember you control your feelings and your hands. Nothing can force you to smoke unless you want to.

Most importantly, “never-say-never” that this is the last time you will smoke again. Get the false thoughts out of your mind. A fact is that cigarettes will always be available to buy and you can still smoke.

All you need to decide is if you want to be part of the smoke-free generation.

Get the Mantras Out of Your Mind

Whether you are a smoker, drug addict, or use alcohol, you need to get rid of the following mindless mantras.  

·       If I only smoke one, I will be okay! Wrong and wrong again as smoking one leads to more.

·       What if I abandon my journey today and start tomorrow. If you have begun the voyage keeps going as tomorrow never comes.

A fact is that you own the quit, and at times of stress you need to ask yourself, “What Would a Non-Smoker Do?”

Think of a person who has never smoked and sitting in the same situation as you. Imagine the person reaching for a smoke to help them get through it.

Just the thought of the person smoking is absurd, and you will see the notion making it look ridiculous. So if you still thinking that not smoking is the end of the road for you STOP.

Furthermore, if you have started quitting GOOD LUCK! You can do it!

Start your quit journey with us today!