The Particular Phases of a Quit Program

What to expect when you’re starting on your quit journey.

The Particular Phases of a Quit Program

During the process of smoking cessation, you go through some icky phases of the quit program leaving you feeling uncomfortable.

These icky phases cause a bumpy road, and not everyone experiences it the same way. For some smokers, they get it at different times or intervals, but it is best to be prepared if it does happen.

The Three Days of Physical Withdrawal

The first three days of not smoking are intense as you experience nicotine withdrawal and excitement at times, as well. You may feel all excited as you have stopped smoking for one day, but by the third day, the reality hits home.

You start feeling the discomfort of the withdrawal and feel like climbing out the walls. These experiences are ordinary in most smokers trying to quit.

The Three Weeks of Psychological Withdrawal

After three weeks, you have gotten over the shock of the physical withdrawal and tackling your mental side of nicotine addiction.

You may find that certain events trigger you to want to smoke again, leaving you back at square one. A fact is that even if the nicotine is out of your system, the psychological cravings remain triggering mental urges.

You start thinking about the smoke break you use to take at work and can cause tension making your stomach turn,leaving you on edge.

It is a physical craving but not a physical withdrawal from nicotine.

The Blahs after Three Months of Not Smoking

As time progresses, the newness of your quit program starts to wear off. There are times you think was that all there is to quit. Eventually, the blah hits you and triggers the urge to smoke and can be intense.

Usually, for some non-smokers, this is the time that relapse occurs and can feel like nicotine addiction. You may feel why you quit.

The best solutions to power through the phase as it is temporary and your smoke-free life will grow with time if you do not smoke.

If you do start smoking, you are back at square one and will have to go through the whole process again.

A Word from QuitGo

Remember that all these icky are result in a temporary discomfort, so do not let this uneasiness throw you off course. Once you move through all of the phases, you are cleared for good.

All it takes is time, so try to relax and let the discomfort unfold as it will by sticking to your quit plan. If you feel uneasiness, you can always try one of our nicotine-free products to help relieve the urge for smoking.

Whether it is one day to three months, our quit products will help you to feel relaxed and take off the urge for smoking. Take your time, and do not let the smoking cessation get a hold of you.

By doing this, you can find peace of mind and eventually, you will gain everlasting freedom from smoking. 

Start your quit journey with us today!