Quit Smoking on January 1st

Mandy’s story. New year, new you?

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Unbelievably, many people decide to make his or her New Year Resolution to stop smoking. However, what if it does not work, and why wait until then?

Yes, we have already passed the halfway mark, and that resolution you made of quitting smoking on the 1st of January is outdated! During 2018, you reflected on setting goals, and as Mandy also decided, it is time to stop.  

Mandy’s Story

The fact is, Mandy has made this resolution every year. However, this time, she has come up with a plan. Furthermore, she has been smoking for years and started by experimenting.

Eventually, she started buying packs of smokes to make sure she always has some with her. As time progressed, she started smoking more a day.

She reached college and was still smoking when out with friends at the club or when stressed with exams.

Quitting For the First Time

Mandy decided, like many of you, to go cold turkey on New Year’s Eve. However, it only lasted a few days as the withdrawal symptoms left her uncomfortable.

At this time, she knew how addictive the nicotine has become in her life. At that time, she was in her 3rd year of college. As time progressed, Mandy did quit after finding out she is pregnant with her firstborn and then again after her second one.

Every time she found herself going back to smoking, as parenthood was stressful and her work became overwhelming.

Now at 35, her daughters are already asking her, “Why is mommy smoking outside?” The truth is that Mandy is more than determined to quit, as she wants to set an example for her kids.

Approach Your Quit Plan Differently Than Mandy

Mandy is now approaching her Quit Plan differently as she spoke to her local pharmacist about using a nicotine replacement therapy product.

She decided to instead use something natural that is nicotine-free and drug-free, called QuitGo. She is looking at using the QuitKit made up of the following:

·       QuitGo Oxygen Inhaler

·       QuitGo Relief & Recovery Spray

·       QuitGo Lozenge

·       QuitGoWTR Herbal Tea

Furthermore, she spoke to her family doctor about using a quit smoking medication prescribed by prescription just in case she needs a back-up plan.

To top it all, she did not stop there as Mandy signed up with the Smokers Helpline First Week Challenge Program.

Quit for Good

Mandy knows the road ahead is not going to be easy, as it will take her several times to quit successfully.

Therefore, if you need something appealing, make sure to join the First Week Challenge, visit your doctor, and try the new QuitGo stop smoking aid with your medication.  

So instead of Mandy trying to attempt another New Year’s resolution, she is starting today, as she knows if she does relapse, she can try repeatedly!

Her commitment for 2020 is not to quit smoking; it is to lead a healthier lifestyle.

We know many people like Mandy who have the same story to tell. All of them have one thing in common: they want to quit smoking. Some are public health nurses, professionals, and more.

Therefore, if quitting smoking is your plan in 2019, talk to someone about it, and get the right support available to get you motivated and going.

Start your quit journey with us today!