How Does Smoking Affect Fertility in Men and Women?

Are you trying to start a family? 

Smoking negatively affects both men and woman when it comes to fertility.

Therefore, if you or your partner are smokers who are considering starting a family, you need the proper knowledge and tools to help you stop smoking. QuitGo is here to help.

Effects of Smoking in Men

If you are a male smoker, the risk of decreased semen concentration is high. While the decline in the sperm does not correlate directly with male infertility, it still has a negative impact. Here are some other adverse effects smoking has on a man’s sperm:

·       The DNA of Sperm – when you smoke, it damages the sperm and causes problems with fertilization. Furthermore, it can cause problems with embryo implantation andthe development of it, leading to an increase in miscarriages.

·       Motilityof the Sperm – as a smoker, you may find your sperm not swimming correctly, making it difficult to fertilize the egg in the woman.

·       Sperm Changes – furthermore, men smokers may also find a change in the shape of the sperm, making it difficult to fertilize the egg.

These are only some of the concerns if you are a man smoker. Another big problem you can face is keeping an erection, and it lowers the production of sperm as it takes up to three months for the sperm to mature.

Therefore, if you plan to have a child, we recommend you quit at least three months before trying to make sure the sperm is healthy.

One more problem you can face is you are a heavy smoker is that by the time of conception it increases the risk of your baby getting leukemia, as well.

Results of Smoking in Women

One of the main reasons a woman should not smoke is that it makes it difficult to become pregnant. If you are a female smoker, problems occur during your pregnancy, as the body is not healthy. You can have a low birth weight, or the child could be born with defects. Some other problems you can face are as follows:

·       It increases the risk of you having a miscarriage

·       Causes blockages in the fallopian tubes

·       There is an increased risk of having an ectopicpregnancy

·       Smoking causes damage to the eggs whiledeveloping in the ovaries

·       You can develop cervical cancer

When it comes to the reproductive system, smoking can affect every part of it. Therefore, if you want to conceive we recommend you quit.

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