Wacky Ways to Quit Smoking

Switch up your approach in order to succeed!

Trying Something New

How many conventional ways have you tried to quit smoking, only to find it does not work? Maybe you are currently in a quitting rut as you have tried many times to stop smoking.

A fact is that all the techniques remind you of your previous failures, making you feel demoralized. However, did you know there are other ways available that may sound crazy, but they work?

Therefore, if you have tried different methods advised by the experts, why not try one of the wacky ways instead. You may even find that you quit for good!

Light Something Else, Instead of a Cigarette

When you light a cigarette, you love the glow the ember makes. So instead of lighting a smoke on your next break, get yourself some matches and incense to burn instead.  Go for a walk while holding the fragrance in the hand as you will love the fire and smoke at the same time. Alternatively, you can find something else to burn, but always remember to keep it safe!

Take a Bribe to Quit

No one said it is illegal to take a bribe to quit smoking. Therefore, if a loved one bribes you to stop, why not try it. To honor the inducement, you need to acknowledge it to be paid. Alternatively, you can always make a bet for several days or months to stop.

Have Your Teeth Cleaned

When you quit, you know you need to spring-clean the home and the car. If you did not do this, it might be one of the reasons why you did not quit. Therefore, once you clean out everything, visit the dentist, and have your teeth cleaned and whitened. 

With proper deep cleaning of the teeth, you can get rid of the yellow stains and taste that may still be lingering in your mouth.

Get Active Outdoors

Instead of getting your high smoking a cigarette, take your breathing to the next level with an outdoor activity. Not only will the sports be a great distraction but also it gives the body the exercise to fill your lungs with oxygen. Do some hiking, fishing, mountain biking or anything you find pleasing.

Wear a Sign around your Neck

Do you tend to fail every time you try to quit? If you are grabbing for the first smoke offered, why not wear a sign on your shirt. Write something like kick me or send me home to mom instead. Make sure to write the sign yourself with your wording! You can even make a T-shirt saying, please do not give me a cigarette, even if I beg for it. You may end up looking like a clown, but at least you will not smoke!

Take up Blogging

Get exhilarated with writing your own story about quitting for others to read. You may find it gives you the willpower to stop for good. Make it enjoyable for other smokers to read and follow your journey while quitting. You will find after two weeks of not smoking you will get followers, and they will start commenting as well.

Visit a Hypnotist

If you believe in the power of hypnotists and the subconscious, having yourself hypnotized may help. You may be part of the small number of people who can be hypnotized, leading you to become smoke-free.

Become Smoke-Free Today

As you can see, these tips may sound bizarre, but many smokers have used it to become smoke-free. The important thing is if you do decide to use any of the methods above, we have another solution to help you on your way.

Here at QuitGo, you can get the QuitKit to use in combination with your weird ways to stop smoking. Furthermore, set yourself some mile markers to treat yourself as you work towards reaching the goal.

If you give up the first week, make sure to promise yourself a fantastic reward after completing two weeks of not smoking. By doing this and using one of the natural stop smoking aids with us, you will stay motivated to reach the end goal.

Start your quit journey with us today!