Is Smoker Face Real or a Myth?

Smoking can negatively affect your health and appearance

Are all of the health concerns for smoking real, or a myth?

While smoking is appalling for your health, it also has numerous negative effects on your overall appearance.

One meticulous health concern about smoking that you may have heard of is the “Smoker Face.” A fact is that we can describe it in many ways.

Unfortunately, there are still many people, especially smokers, in disbelief, that they can get a “Smoker’s Face.” Many people believethat other elements like the sun causes skin damage, but the truth is that smokingcan damage your skin.

That is why we want to make you more aware of it if you do not want to look older than what you are.

The Most Common Problem with Smokers is Premature Aging

The characteristic sign of “Smoker’s Face” is wrinkles; however, you find it in specific regions of your face. The most common areas are around the eyes and mouth.

These wrinkles form here for a good reason, as this is where the smoke is apt to go when you puff. A fact is that your whole skin’s vulnerable to the toxic effects of smoke, especially in skin pigmentation. You may find your skin looks pale and sometimes it can even look yellow to gray.

What happens is the carbon monoxide in smoke displaces theoxygen in the skin and reduces your blood flow leaving your skin dry. Furthermore, it depletes nutrients such as vitamin C to protect your skin from damage.

Additionally, your cheeks sink and make you look older when reaching middle age. Another concern is the deeper wrinkles all due tosmoking. Certain studies show that a smoker can look five years older comparedto other non-smokers at the same age.

Therefore, with this in mind, it may be a good reason to quit smoking by starting to address your triggers and getting help by using oneof the QuitGo products.

The fact remains that even if you have a smoker’s face, youstill have to deal with other physical signs that ruin your appearance. So what are these other bodily appearances?

You are Living with Yellow Fingers and Teeth

You may not have this problem! However, how many smokers have you seen with discolored teeth and fingers? A fact is it becomes worse with time and can be an embarrassment when at public events.

Australia created leading face-aging software in Perth at pharmacies a couple of years back to help younger people see how bad it looks when you smoke. They showed teens how they would look with smokers face, and the results were shocking. After seeing the results, many younger smokers gave up smoking.

Your Wounds Take Longer to Heal

Whether you have a sore in the mouth or face, it takes longer to heal when you smoke.

Therefore, it affects your appearance, and once touchingthe mouth, you can end up toothless. Buying dentures may solve the problem! Nevertheless,it is expensive, and likeliness is you cannot afford it. Therefore, if you do not want to end up with smokers face, yellow fingers or teeth kick the tobacco addiction for good today.

Start your quit journey with us today!