Is Vaping Better than QuitGo?

This trend could be helping or hurting people as they try to move away from harmful substances

One of the most prominent current fashions is to use an e-cigarette.

This is especially prevalent among young people. But – how safe is this, really? The fact is, according to the Heart Organization, this trend has its health risks.

Until vaping has been properly assessed, it should not be promoted as an alternative to smoking. Another fact is that while fewer people are taking up smoking the use of other tobacco types are increasing.

A Juul is a battery-operated device. The QuitGo Stop Smoking Inhaler is not battery-operated, but there are even more considerable differences when you compare the Juul and QuitGo Inhaler.

The Juul is an e-cigarette with a sleek design. Users inhale and exhale aerosolized vapor in the form of nicotine. The ENDS or Electronic Nicotine Delivery System poses health risks to the smoker and non-smokers.

The QuitGo Inhaler looks and feels similar to a real cigarette. It is nicotine-free, drug-free, vaporless and smokeless. As mentioned above, it is not battery-operated.

The Downside to Vaping

According to users, they claim that the device can help them to stop smoking. However, more evidence is needed to prove the effectiveness of using it and other tobacco products.

Furthermore, the trend proposes that smokers most likely will continue smoking with the vaping device called dual-use. On the other hand, many smokers think that using an e-cigarette is less harmful than lighting a smoke.  

The truth is that it is still not safe, and here are some of the reasons why:

·       You are still getting in nicotine which is highly addictive. You are therefore taking a risk, compared to using a nicotine-free option such as the QuitGo smokeless and vaporless inhaler.

·       If you are pregnant, using an e-cigarette can hurt your child’s brain development or the fetus. Furthermore, some of the devices expose you to even more nicotine than smoking a regular cigarette.

·       Another negative with vaping is that the device included harmful substances such as diacetyl and nicotine both cancer-causing chemicals with volatile organic compounds and heavy metals like lead, tin, and nickel. As you exhale, your body is exposed to all of these contaminants.

·       Furthermore, the e-cigarette uses oil, that is also dangerous, and when swallowed or absorbed, it poisons the body.

However, when you use QuitGo products, you are using a safer alternative than vaping. On the other hand, you can use it in conjunction with other NRT products, as it is pure and natural without side effects.

Long Term E-Cigarette Health Effects Needs More Testing

While e-cigarettes long-term health effects not fully understood, yet, it needs more testing. However, science suggests that vaping is not a safe alternative to quit smoking.

So if you want to stop smoking and need help with the nicotine withdrawal, the Smokeless & Vaporless inhaler feels like a cigarette but has no tar, nicotine, liquid refills, or batteries that need charging.

With the inhaler, you can control your cravings naturally in a healthier way to overcome the urge of smoking. 

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