The Effects of Second-Hand Smoking for Kids

Quit smoking to protect the health of your child

Consider quitting smoking to protect your child’s health.

When it comes to smoking, usually the parents innocently cause harm to their kids and the environment. Whether you smoke outside, inside the home or in the car, your children are inhaling the harmful chemicals from smoking.

A fact is that your child has a high risk of developing different diseases caused by smoke. Here are some motives as to why you should stop smoking.

Your Child Can Become Addicted to Nicotine

No matter where you smoke in the presence of your child, heor she can become addicted to tobacco. According to a test done by the University of Montreal led by Concordia, many kids who have parents smoking start using cigarettes themselves.

Your child sees you smoking and feels it is okay for them to smoke tobacco, as well. Therefore, if you smoke at home, you are encouraging your child to experiment and the chance is he or she will smoke when they growup.

There is a Big Risk of Your Child Developing COPD

Another study carried out by the University of Melbourne discloses that puffing smokes around your child while growing up can increase their chances for developing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

The early exposure of inhaling nicotine smoke has harmful effects on his or her breathing. Furthermore, it could lead to lung problems. Some of these disorders include emphysema and bronchitis.

While the tests show even if the kid does not smoke by the time,they are adults, the damage is done, and the risk of getting COPD is higherbecause of the 2nd –hand smoke.

Do Not Abuse Your Child with Second-hand Smoke

After reading the above, we want to leave one last thingwith you! Many experts advise that exposing your kid to second-hand smoke is a form of child abuse.

The reports of children hospitalized with breathing problemslike pneumonia and asthma are astonishing and increasing. Therefore, the best thing you as a parent can do is to quit smoking.

By doing this, you can provide your family with a smoke-free environment at home and keep them healthy. Try not to pass the habit on to your children and quit today to educate your kids early about the dangers ofsmoking.

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