Read This if You’re Thinking About Quitting Cold Turkey

You’ve decided it’s time to Kick the Habit.

Congratulations on this life-changing decision!  There is definitely no shortage of reasons to quit smoking.  Aside from the fact smoking is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide, there are also social aspects to consider.

Are you tired of a loved one nagging you every time you step out for a smoke?  Or, perhaps you want to spend more time with your kids without thinking of secondhand smoke.  Or, perhaps you’re tired of spending your hard-earned money on pricey cigarettes.

Time to move on and lead a better life, right!?  Well, before you throw those cigarettes in the trash, let’s look into what going “cold turkey” means and what to expect, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

The most accepted meaning of quitting cold turkey is to quit smoking without any outside support – no aids, therapy or medicine. 

Going “cold turkey” is the most popular way to quit smoking, with about 90% of people trying to quit using this method for their first attempt.

That’s right; we said “first attempt”

…Because, the thing is, relying on willpower alone is not a reliable quit method.  That’s okay!  And, this is not your fault.  

Addiction undermines willpower by directly impacting your ability to control impulses through thoughtful decision-making.

Most smokers are psychologically and physically addicted to cigarettes because of nicotine.  This means, when they give up smoking cold turkey, there is no nicotine in their body to serve as a buffer for uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

What are nicotine withdrawal symptoms?  They are (thankfully) non-life-threatening, but, depending on your smoking habits and nicotine levels can be overwhelming.  Symptoms may include: anger/irritability, anxiety, depression, restlessness, weight gain, and difficulty concentrating.

We’re not trying to worry you.  We just want you to know the facts so you can make an informed decision and plan ahead.

Knowing all this… What is the most effective way to quit smoking?

In a recent randomized trial, smokers who abruptly quit smoking (“cold turkey”) were found to be less likely to be smoking 6 months later compared with those who gradually quit.  Of note, during this study, all participants received ongoing therapy and smoking cessation aids.

Medical websites like the American Lung AssociationMayo Clinic and even WebMD all agree it is necessary to put practical strategies in place to help you survive the cravings, get past withdrawal, and break the psychological addiction to cigarettes.

 All evidence points to the most effective way to quit smoking: Individuals should stop smoking abruptly, use smoking cessation aids, and receive counseling.

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