The Best Day to Quit Smoking is Monday

New week, new start, new you.

The Best Day To Quit Smoking is Monday

Mondays are the best day to start quitting smoking and begin a new beginning. Why? You start working and improving your life on a Monday. Furthermore, if you have strayed off your plan during the week, start fresh on Monday.

Whether you want to start exercising, lose weight, or stop smoking, the best day to get your plan in motion is Monday.

So become part of the Healthy Monday Campaign to stop and stay quit. With them, you can check your steps forward and recommit if you relapsed.

However, many other organizations support smoking cessation to stay quit on Mondays as well, such as the American Cancer Society.

The organization offers excellent support to assist you in quitting smoking for good. Alternatively, you can always read the QuitGo website and blog used in combination with the QuitGo Kit to achieve great results.

Take it One Day at  a Time

When you start quitting on a Monday, the vital thing to remember is that nicotine addiction lets go of you gradually. Therefore, you can take note of how far you have come with becoming smoke-free every Monday.

By doing this, you can strengthen your willpower to stay on track with your stop smoking plan.

Resources to Help Reinforce Your Smoking Cessation:

·       Join up with others who are going through the same process by joining a Smoking Cessation Support Forum.

·       Start a Quit Smoking Journal to see your progress by taking note at each end of the day to become smoke-free.

·       Alternatively, you can read our lessons in the QuitGo blog to help you on the road to becoming smoke-free.  

Help for Relapse:

By identifying the warning signs and peril related to stopping smoking, it helps to bud the problem before the damage is done. You can read how to manage your cigarette cravings here or learn to know what your smoking triggers are to achieve the smoking cessation.

Alternatively, if you do not want to relapse and uncertain if you should use nicotine replacement therapy instead of a natural quit substitute, make sure to read all the problems related to using NRTs.

Quitting Takes Patience and Time  

The critical thing to remember is that smoking cessation is a gradual progression to rid your body of nicotine addiction. A fact is that not everyone heals the same way.

Therefore, do not rush it and never evaluate your advancement with another person’s development. Be patient as the process can take longer,and there is no substitute for time.

So we recommend you use a Monday to check out of smoking a sit is a day to reinforce your commitment to quitting smoking for good.

Furthermore, if you have relapsed today, start a new on Monday, you can do it.

QuitGo is ready to help!

Start your quit journey with us today!