Can Chantix and Zyban Help You to Stop Smoking?

A look into what to expect from these medications.

There are many different stop smoking options on the market. 

Are you busy writing your Quit Plan to stop smoking? QuitGo knows how difficult it is to stop the habit.

While many smokers opt-in to using NRTs like nicotine gum,spray, and patches, two prescribed drugs can also help Chantix (varenicline)and Zyban (bupropion.)

Similar to the products found in the QuitKit, both these medications are non-nicotine and approved by the FDA. Furthermore, both areavailable in a pill form, and you need a prescription.

However, if you do decide to add it to your Quit Plan, you need to use both with caution.

How Does Chantix Work?

What the drug does is hinder the receptors in your brainthat react to the nicotine. So how beneficial is it? It only provides twobenefits as it reduces both the mental and physical pleasure from smoking.

Furthermore, it weakens the symptoms related to withdrawal symptoms. To use Chantix a day will cost you +-$4 and theinstructions are as follows:

·       You need to take the 0.5mg pill in the morningfor the first three days

·       After completing the three days, you need totake the 0.5mg medicine twice a day for four days

·       When reaching your 2nd week and after that, you need to increase the dosage to 1mg by consuming it in the morning and at night

Furthermore, it helps if you took it after meals with a glass of water. Once you start taking it twice a day, you need to wait six hours in between dosages.

The recommended use is up to twelve weeks, but you can extend it for another 12-week for a successful quit. Further, as with any medication, Chantix comes with positive and negative results as follows:


·       Studies have proven that using Chantix doublesyour chance to quit smoking for good

·       Furthermore, tests have shown that smokers usingit seldom relapse or have withdrawal symptoms

·       Another benefit is that the pill is natural touse


·       People found they had many headaches

·       Some smokers started feeling nausea and vomited

·       Other people had trouble sleeping and feltagitated

·       In severe cases, some users felt depressed, and the thought of suicide came up a lot

Because of these negative warnings, the FDA has askedChantix to add on a “back box warning” on the label to help alert people of the side effects.

The step is a serious one taken by the FDA, enabling you to decide if you want to use the drug or not. Furthermore, the Federal Aviation Administration banned pilots from using medicine to stop smoking.

How Does Zyban Work?

Zyban is not a stop smoking aid but an antidepressant pill that helps with relieving the symptoms of quitting smoking. Similar to Chantix, it works on the brain chemicals that associate with cravings for nicotine.

Furthermore, using the pill costs you $4 per day and has specific instructions:

·       To start using Zyban, you need to use it up totwo weeks before your quit date

·       You need to take 150mg for the first three days

·       Furthermore, it helps if you increase the dosageto 300mg per day by taking two 150mg doses with an eight-hour interval

Using Zyban takes up to 7 weeks and if there is no progress, the treatments are suspended.


·       Many patients using Zyban had a successful quit

·       Furthermore, used the long term it is one of thebest nicotine replacement therapies

·       The medication is easy to consume and containsno nicotine

·       On the other hand, you can use it with theQuitKit or any other Nicotine Replacement Therapy products

·       What’s more, it helps patients with depression


·       Can cause behavioral and mood changes

·       People with seizures, severe head trauma, heavy alcohol drinking, and eating disorders cannot take the medication

·       Gives you a dry mouth

·       Insomnia

·       Dizziness

Furthermore, the FDA also asked Zyban to place a “back box warning” on the label as well.

Therefore, if you are talking about using these products with your physician and do not have any of the conditions above, it may be worth considering.

Alternatively, you can always go the Cold Turkey way and use any of the natural QuitGo products available that do not have side effects.

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