Watching Your Weight While Quitting

What’s stopping you from quitting smoking?

If I Quit Smoking, Will I Gain a Ton of Weight?

Yes, we have all heard that you pick up weight when you quit smoking! However, if this is one of the reasons stopping you, think again.

There are many ways you can banish the cravings of eating when you do stop smoking. If you want the inside news on how to watch your weight read on and find out here!

Tips to Prevent Weight Gain When You Stop Smoking

Keep the Mouth Busy to Prevent Smoking

A fact is, that when you stop smoking you do gain some pounds, but with some crucial tips, you can prevent from putting on added weight. The important thing is to replace your habit with healthier ones.

Start by eating healthy portions of food as usual. After each meal brush your teeth as it prevents the urge to smoke. A clean mouth reduces the need to pick up a cigarette.

Keep some no sugar breath mints on hand. A great alternative is to have some QuitGo Gum available.

Make sure to eat more veggies and small portions of fruits such as berries and grapes. You can go nuts and eat some peanuts, hazelnuts, or whichever nut you like to replace the craving.

A fact is, many people who quit are quick to replace the cigarette with something in the mouth. Therefore, instead of reaching for junkfood, replace it with a healthier option. Chew on baby carrots or celery that is full of nutrients.

Alternatively, if the urge arises to have something in the mouth you can always try the QuitGo smokeless & vaporless inhaler the tip is soft enough to chew, and it keeps the hands busy at the same time.

Stay Active and Busy

Being busy helps, as you will not think about smoking. While following a healthy diet it may be a good thing to join a gym at the same time to watch the calories melt away.

Take a long walk, cycle, swim, and relax in a sauna to help detox the body. To help with the detox of removing the nicotine from your body,you can always consider using getting yourself the QuitWTR herbal tea to help.

When the body and mind are busy, you will quickly see that you start thinking less of smoking. By following the two above tips, you can banish the habit for good.

Furthermore, it will also help to prevent packing on extra pounds.

Alternatively, if you need extra help to quit contact us today for the best Quit Plan to get you on your way.

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