What Challenges Do Smokers Face Every Day?

Understanding what your loved one is going through helps you to help them stop smoking.

What Challenges Do Smokers Face Every Day?

Do you know that as a smoker you are going to face more challenges every day in the future? Stay a while, read on.

A fact is that you will face challenges in your social to work-related life. Furthermore, it will also affect where you choose to live and comes with logistical issues to find a place to smoke.

While health concerns are one of the challenges, there are many other confrontations as well. So what are these trials and tests you as a smoker will face?

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Trials and Tests Smokers Will Face in the Future

The main reason for quitting is your health and should be atop priority to stop smoking. However, there are others as well that will eventually cause you to stop.

Finding a restaurant where you can smoke:

In the last couple of years, you see fewer restaurants and cafes that have a smoker’s corner. In the USA with its 50 states, only a fraction of social places still allows people to smoke and it is shrinking.days you cannot even find a bar allowing you to smoke a cigar or cigarette. The choice is limited, and you end up in the smoking section where the ventilation is not always the best.  

Furthermore, the restaurants have laws in place prohibiting kids in the smoking section, causing even more problems. On the other hand, the majority of restaurants do not also want you to smoke in their parking lots.

Socializing becomes a challenge:

As a smoker socializing in public places, become a challenge. Many campaigns are popping up everywhere who is against smoking in public places.

While some of the campaigns have been around for decades,the presence is getting stronger in certain areas. Therefore, if you do not want a dirty look you will have to get through the day without your fix.

To top it all the look of people worsens when smoking around a child, especially if the kids left in the non-smoking section and parents are puffing away in the smoker’s area.

You may even find strangers yelling at you in public or handing you over to the law for leaving your child unattended.

You may have a run in with the local law:

Laws on smoking changes regularly as some areas it is illegal to have a cigarette in your car. Furthermore, there are other requirements set up to prevent you smoking in or outside malls. Technically,this means you will eventually not find a public place where you are permitted to smoke as you can get a fine.

Renting a property becomes difficult:

Another concern you will face as a smoker is finding a place to rent. As the majority of condominiums and housing units, do not permit smoking inside or outside.

However, this all depends on the area you plan on renting.Furthermore, if you do decide to smoke, you can expect severe penalties if caught.

As a smoker, do not think you can get away with it as many places have carbon dioxide detectors in condominiums and apartments to help prevent fires. Therefore, if you do try the alarm will set off, and everyone will know you are smoking leading to more massive problems.

Smoking at work is also a challenge:

Many employers have new laws in place preventing employees from smoking. Furthermore finding work becomes a challenge if you are a smoker as business is hiring more non-smokers these days.

Traveling and smoking become challenging:

A fact is that most airports are banning smoking making it harder for travelers. These days there are many airports you cannot smoke for security reasons making it illegal. Therefore, if you are in a situation where you need to travel a lot, you need to plan ahead of time to help with the cravings on long trips.

As you can see there are many reasons here, as to why you should quit and take a new approach to life. If you need help to stop, contact us to begin your QuitGo journey today.

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