How Will You Feel on Your First Day of Quitting?

What you can expect from Day 1.

How Will You Feel on Your First Dayof Quitting?

You have set your quit date and have everything in place! However, how will you feel on your first day of quitting? Here is an illusory account on what you can expect on your journey to becoming an ex-smoker.

The First Morning

The morning has arrived, and it is your first day of not smoking. You wake up with an empty feeling in your stomach!

You promised yourself to finally throw away the smokes as you have already got rid of all the remains associated with smoking.

The house has a fresh fragrance in the air, and you have your mindset right. The first thing that comes to mind is if you are going to function after your first cup of joe.

Stop the excuses as the process of quitting has started. Do not back out again and hold fast to your plan as today is the day you are going to stop.

You have taken a shower and prepared breakfast with a cup ofJoe to drink on the way.

All you need is to change up your habits with something new. Keep your mind on here and now to focus on today and not tomorrow.

The critical step is getting past the first hour and not think ahead. You may feel withdrawals, but it will get better.

You start to miss the feeling of your cigarette in your hands or mouth, so you pick up the QuitGo Stop Smoking Inhaler or pop some QuitGo Gum in your mouth.

Your lunch is packed your QuitGo Kit is in your bag, and with your coffee you head out on the road.

While driving your mind is still set on “I want to smoke” – kind of stuck, like an old record. Now your mind starts playing games, you keep asking yourself, “why did I flush that packet of smokes?”

The good news is that you have nothing to light up.

Your Work Day Starts

While driving, you think should I stop at the shop and buy a packet of smokes? You try your best to ignore your thoughts and start to flick the soft tip inhaler in your hand to avoid the disturbing thoughts.

You ride past different stores selling your favorite brand and take a different route to work, which helps a bit.

Once at work, you start feeling exhausted, but luckily it is a place where you do not smoke much as it is a no-no.

You feel jumpy and spray the QuitGo relief & recovery spray into the mouth to help keep you calm. Your work starts, and you are proud you have made it this far.

The day progresses, lunch arrives, and your thoughts go back to smoking making your heart sink to the feet.

You feel stressed as you cannot smoke at lunch today. However, instead of letting the thought grab hold of your mind, you head out with co-workers to avoid smoking.

Lunch is over, and you have survived. Your nerves feel raw but still feel the surge of pride as you are doing great.

The rest of the day is no trouble as your junkie thoughts are on hold as you are busy at work. You frequently get up to drink water and stretch your legs.

However, as the day ends everything changes as you get back in your car. You need to distract your mind and suck on a QuitGo lozenge that is drug and nicotine-free.

You take another route home to keep the mind off smoking, and the lozenge also helps a bit.

Arriving Home

Before reaching home, you want to buy another packet of cigarettes.

You realize it is only your mind trying to play games with you. You try to get your mental chatter positive and think of all the reasons why you want to quit.

Not smoking in your car is a trigger for you. Perhaps you should take public transport for the first couple of days.

You stop at home and head through the door and grab your QuitGo support guide to help lessen the cessation.

A fact is that getting home is more difficult as during the day. You prepare a meal and head straight to the bathroom to brush your teeth.

As it gets dark, you call it a day and head to bed to sleep the nicotine withdrawal off. A fact is that you have done well for your first day and it can only get better.

Final Thoughts from QuitGo

The fact is everything your mind and body has gone through the day is normal for any person who stops smoking the first day.

Furthermore, you can tap yourself on the shoulder as you are not weak and did not give in to your cravings.

By thinking of the reasons to stop smoking from getting smoking-related diseases to having a bad cough are all reasons to quit.

What is more, you are not spending time day dreaming about quitting and have put your quit into action.

Start your quit journey with us today!