What is the Effect of Smoking on Your Property Value?

Adverse effects on your environment based on this habit.

 The Effect Smoking Has on the Value of Your Property

Did you know that the harm of smoking goes beyond harming your health?

While each puff of your cigar or cigarette is damaging your body within, it also causes damage outside of the body.

Smoking affects the walls in your home as well as clothes,furniture, family, and pets. Furthermore, this has enormous repercussions on the property value as well.

With every puff cloud leaving your lips, the more money you lose when selling your house!

Adverse Effects of Smoking in Your House

If you have thought about selling or renting your home and smoking on the property, think again!

Smoking makes it difficult to rent or sell a house:

A fact is that the market decreases when you smoke in the apartment or home. You may have spring-cleaned the place, but many a visitor or prospective buyer/renter can tell if someone has smoked in the premises. Many property buyers or renters prefer spending their money on a cleaner home, especially non-smokers.

Therefore, if you are a smoker renting and smoking inside,you may find it difficult when the time comes to find a new tenant to replace your contract. Furthermore, finding a new place to rent becomes challenging as the majority of property owners look for non-smokers.

Smoking cause damage to the property:

As the smoke of tobacco has thousands of chemicals present,it clings to all surfaces from the walls to the ceiling. Furthermore, it leaves yellow stains causing allergens that are just as unhealthy for you and the family.

The biggest problem is when the living space has carpets as the scent remains in the fabric. On the other hand, the chemicals spread to your clothes even if you have cleaned everything. Therefore, when selling or renting out the property, the prospective buyer or renter will know that you have smoke inside the home.

In turn, this makes selling difficult and brings down the value at the same time.

Smoking is a fire hazard:

How many times have you left your smoke unattended in an ashtray? There are times you forget and cause an unforeseen accident that can become severe.

Still-lit cigarettes have been the cause of many properties burning down. Sometimes it even causes damage to expensive wooden tables as it leaves a burnt stain. A fact is that unattended lit cigarettes are the cause of destroying thousands of properties each year.

Therefore, if you have never thought about how your smoke affects your property value we hope this article helps you to realize it. Keep your home intact by quitting smoking today. If you are ready to stop now, start your journey with QuitGo to live a healthy and clean life.

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