4 Amazing Things That Happen to Your Body When You Quit Smoking

Are you ready to feel amazing!?

Quit Smoking and Feel Amazing For These Reasons

The main reason people quit smoking is for health reasons. Whether you workout and follow a healthy diet, you cannot feel healthy while smoking.

Yes, it is difficult to stop, but by quitting, you can enjoy the following fantastic things happening to your body.

Your Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Goes Down

Only positive things happen to the body when you quit!

In the first twenty minutes of stopping, the heart rate starts to drop to normal. Therefore, your heart will be pumping at a healthy level.

After two hours, the heart rate is nearly regular and the blood pressure drops as well. Furthermore, your blood circulation improves, and you may feel warm inside as it functions properly.

However, at this time, all the above is taking place, you may start having withdrawal symptoms. These include intense cravings, sleepless nights, and anxiety.

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Your Body Starts to Heal Itself of the Nicotine

A fact is that after 72-hours of not having a smoke, your nicotine levels start depleting. However, it can lead to cravings and withdrawals.

Therefore, you need to arm yourself for feeling stressed, agitated, and cravings. To combat these negatives go for a jog, eat the proper nutrition,and take preventative measures with QuitGo.

Your Body Starts the Regenerative Process

The fantastic thing is that your body has an excellent self-healing mechanism. After a few weeks of stopping, the body starts to heal itself. Your lungs will begin repairing itself within two weeks of being smoke-free. Furthermore, your blood circulation improves, and you will find doing physical activities less tiring.

Your Lungs Will Heal Itself Eventually

Smoking targets many parts of your body, especially the lungs. The good news is that once you quit, you will find your lungs improving in the first nine months. The lungs will start producing cilia known as organelles that help protect the lungs from different infections. Once your lungs produce healthy cilia, it will start functioning at a healthy level.

Now that you know, what the amazing things are that happen to your body have you decided to quit. If you have and finding it challenging to stop contact us today to find out how we can help. Kick the tobacco addiction for good!

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