Nicotine Dependence Facts

Quitting smoking can help reduce risks associated with smoking-related diseases.

No one needs to tell you that tobacco dependence leads to serious health concerns. 

Furthermore, with tobacco addiction, you need repeated treatments to help quit. Therefore, to help you understand more about smoking read all the facts here about nicotine dependence to help you make an informative decision to quit.

All About Nicotine Dependence

·       A fact is that all smokers become dependent onthe nicotine drug found in tobacco.

·       Furthermore, in the United States, there are more people addicted to tobacco than any other drug and just as addictive as alcohol, cocaine, or heroin.

·       Another fact is that quitting is hard and does not only take one attempt as people who start again do it because of stress, to prevent weight gain and the withdrawal symptoms.

·       One more detail is that with nicotine withdrawal,you start to feel irritable, you have trouble thinking, crave for nicotine, and you are hungrier than what you usually are.

Health Benefits Related to Quitting

Studies show that tobacco contains a mix of 7,000 chemicalswhere hundreds of them are harmful.

About 70 of these chemicals cause cancer, and by smoking, you increase your risk of getting serious health problems leading to illness and death.

By quitting, you reduce the risk of getting sick or causing early death. While the health benefits are better at a young age, when stopping,the benefits are tremendous for any age. A fact is you are not too old to stop smoking.

So what are the health benefits related to quitting?

  • Helps lower the risk of getting lung cancer or any other form of cancer.
  • Reduces heart disease, peripheral vascular disease (narrowing of blood vessels), and prevents you from getting a stroke.
  • Can help prevent you from getting a heart attack.
  • Improves your respiratory as the coughing, shortness of breath, and wheezing lessens. While it may not disappear completely, it improves over the years.
  • Prevents the development of lung diseases likeCOPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.)
  • Reduces the risk of woman infertility, especially during pregnancy and prevents a low birth weight in your baby.
  • As you can see, quitting has many benefits if you stop your nicotine dependency. You can lead a healthier, longer life.

Start your quit journey with us today.