How to Manage Your Cigarette Cravings

Are you trying to avoid your smoking triggers?

It is difficult, but you will not be able to evade all of them!

You need to learn how to control your cravings and this takes practice. Therefore, when you crave for a cigarette, you need to have a plan in place to beat the urge of smoking.

How long does a craving last? Typically, it can last up to 10 minutes at a time. The feeling is uncomfortable, but try your best to wait it out until the desire passes.

To help make a list of things you can do during the yearningfor a smoke. Here are some tips you can try!

Think About WHY You Are Quitting

We recommend you review your reasons as to why you are quitting. Tell yourself again why you want to quit. Doing this is a great motivation to keep you from lighting up the next cigarette.

Think about all the money you are saving by calculating the costs. You know how expensive a packet of smokes is. Once adding up the total, decide what you want to do with the savings.

Thinking of what you can do with the money keeps you motivated until the craving passes.

Stay Clear of Smoking Areas

Whether you are at work or visiting public places, stay clear of smoking areas, and visit smoke-free zones instead. Go to a store,watch a movie, or eat out at a restaurant. Almost all restaurants are now without smoking zones.

By practicing, what you already do avoiding areas where people smoke will help with your next craving that comes along

Keep Your Hands Busy

Try to keep your hands and mouth busy! Instead of lighting a smoke chew a stick of gum and drink more water. When the craving hits you stopand do something else. By changing your routine helps, shake off the desire.

Take a long walk up and down the stairs at work. Physical activity can help beat a craving and boost your energy. Furthermore, take slowand deep breaths by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Do this for ten minutes to make you feel relaxed.

Do a Good Deed 

Distracting the mind is the best solution to help with smoking cravings. Take a few minutes and help a co-worker, family member, or friend.

Instead of thinking about yourself, you are viewing another person’s problem, taking your mind off the craving you have. Additionally, doing something good for another person leaves you feeling positive and reduces stress.

Managing stress is essential and plays a big part ofquitting.

Get the Support You Need

  • Call someone – there is no need of going through the cravings yourself. Lean on loved ones you trust!
  • Sign up for Smokefree TXT online to get 24/7 support directly to your phone.
  • Track your cravings to understand your smoking patterns with a Smartphone app available here.
  • Call anexpert at the National Cancer Institute Quitline (1-800-784-8669) or find alocal one available in your state now.
  • Talk to a counselor – get Live Help online with the National Cancer Institute.

Use a Stop Smoking Aid

You may be using some form of nicotine replacement therapy and still find you are not coping with the cravings. Consider using proven nicotine-free methods, such as QuitGo Dual Support.

Never Give Up

Do whatever you can to beat the cravings. Try different things until you find one that works best for you. The important thing is DO NOT SMOKE – NOT EVEN A PUFF!

Start your quit journey with us today.