Why Do You Want to Quit Smoking?

There are many reasons to quit smoking, but your emotional reason to quit is your WHY.

Have you thought of quitting the bad habit? Have you reflected on why you want to stop?

There are so many reasons, but deciding what will motivate you is up to YOU. The most apparent reasons are money and health! Perhaps you want to live a healthier life and keep your family safe. Maybe it is all of the above!

The truth is, the reason can vary from another person. That is why you should look at your goals! It is the best motivator to stop.

  • Is there something you hate about smoking?
  • How is your health now?
  • Is there something you are missing while smoking?
  • Will your life improve or get better when you quit?
  • What will happen to my family if you do not stop smoking?

Once you know why you want to quit, keep reminding yourself of the reasons as to WHY every day. Doing this keeps you motivated to stop for good.

Do you want to feel healthier and look great?

Unsure about the question? Look at the following reasons you can consider to give yourself a motivational pep talk:

  • Do you wake up with short breath and cough a lot in the morning? Stopping will make you breathe easier and cough less.
  • You will keep your blood pressure low.
  • The chance of having a heart attack, stroke, cancer, or other diseases is less.
  • Your skin will become healthier and look youthful.
  • Furthermore, your fingernails and teeth will not have yellow stains.

By quitting, you will improve your health and feel better. However, are the above reasons the only ones telling you to stop? No? Well, there is more for you to consider!

Do you want to improve your lifestyle?

For starters, you will save money! Alternatively, you can spend more time with family, do a hobby, or catch up on lost work.

Once you stop, you will not have to worry about finding locations that allow you to smoke. Your food will even taste better, and your clothes will smell better, too.

You will smell food, flowers, and other fragrances you have not enjoyed in ages. Even your home and car will not stink like smoke.

Do you want your family to live a better life?

Think about it! You want the best for your family. Therefore, by quitting:

  • You set an excellent example for your kids as it takes loads of courage to stop.
  • You will protect family and friends from the danger of 2nd-hand smoke.
  • Your kids will live a healthier life if you are not smoking in the house.
  • Family, friends, and co-workers will be proud of you for trying to stop smoking.
  • Your health will improve, allowing you to be around loved ones longer to share special moments.
  • Lastly, you will have more energy to do different activities with family and friends.

So, make your list today why you want to be smoke-free. Make sure to keep the list where you can see it every day. The best place is where you keep cigarettes to make sure the list keeps you on the right track.

When the urge arises to smoke, look at your list to keep reminding yourself why you want to stop smoking. 

Start your quit journey with us today.