QuitGo offers a wide range of clinically tested products and safe nicotine-free alternatives to help reduce or eliminate cravings and withdrawal symptoms throughout the day.

Use QuitGo products to stop smoking completely, gradually reduce the amount you smoke over time, and to keep cravings away even after you quit so you never fall or start to smoke again.

Using QuitGo Dual Support & Behavioral programs can increase your chance of success.

✓ Drug-Free  ✓ Nicotine-Free   ✓ Safe & Natural  ✓ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

QuitGo is a Global brand that is committed to making the highest quality, safest and healthiest nicotine-free smoking cessation products in order to help individuals overcome their addiction to smoking, calm cravings, reduce stress, anxiety, and improve their quality of life.  

The majority of smoking cessation products on the market are made with harmful chemicals and drugs, including nicotine and other addictive ingredients. Many of these products are known to cause various unwanted side effects, all of which contribute to smokers relapsing or returning to smoking rather than quitting for good. Just because nicotine aid product claims to be a “stop smoking aid” doesn’t mean it’s safe or good for you.

But with QuitGo it’s now possible to stop smoking for good without harmful ingredients, side effects, or unwanted chemicals like those found in (NRT) nicotine products and medications. Today, it’s possible to overcome the addiction to smoking painlessly, effectively, quicker and easier than ever before with the help of naturally derived and nicotine-free  products that outperform traditional synthetic drugs, nicotine or medicated-filled products.

Unlike nicotine aid products, e-cigarettes and medication, QuitGo products are safe and nicotine-free Quit Smoking alternatives which can be used by ALL smokers.

QuitGo helps stop cravings when you first stop smoking and keeps them away even after you quit, so you never feel the urge to smoke again.

Whether it’s your 1st or 10th time quitting, QuitGo can help you take control of your life and your health as you begin your journey to become a non-smoker.

We are dedicated to helping people stop smoking and live a healthier smoke-free lifestyle. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out.

- The QuitGo Team